Ffion Gwyn is an artist based in North Wales. Her illustrative ink paintings inspired by nature;  "Series Wales - Cyfres Cymru", are an insightful and inspiring document of her journey of discovery through art. 

Her influences include Victorian botanical illustration and early depictions of wildlife in watercolour. Her love of language is also an integral part of her work, with species categorised using Welsh, and Bilingual terms. Etymology plays a fascinating part in her journey of discovery, resulting in interesting discoveries in the origins of these used terms. In addition, she enjoys researching the remarkable folklore connected to the species studied, and regional differences in Welsh terminology. 

She uses her passion for nature and art to document, research, appreciate, and marvel at the smaller things, that are often taken for granted, and are quickly passed by. The inspiration stems from the urge to re-kindle that childlike sense of inquisitiveness ... the questioning and reasoning behind natures gems; the what, where, how and when.

At present her series includes Bees, Dragonflies, Beetles, Garden birds, Autumn fruits nuts and berries, Mushrooms and fungus, Wildflowers, Shells, and Seaweeds. All illustrations can be bought as A3 prints and cotton T Towels from her online store.

The next steps involve the study of Lichens, and Mosses, from captivating coastal paths to mountainous marvels, the journey of discovery continues. 


" SERIES WALES- CYFRES CYMRU......encapsulate a journey of discovery which feeds the soul and invigorates the senses"